Winter Wanders

Free Rangers Convene for a Wild Week of Biome Exploration >>> 10-3, Mon Feb. 21 to Fri Feb. 25

Field Environmental Philosophy is an action-based, hands-on investigation of natural and cultural history. These histories are “writ large” in the places we study, and students learn how to read them while we hike. Soon enough, they understand that “places are stories we live in”.

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In the feel-ed, students raise questions about what they perceive and their questions open philosophical discussions; they share and synthesize ideas together; they get experience thinking critically and creating knowledge socially. As they read and interpret the environment together, they gain confidence, make new friends, and deepen friendships they’ve already made.

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Free Rangers will snowshoe wild places and follow the tracks of our wild neighbors, focussing on places we don’t normally have access to.

Our curricula will be classic Off the Screen and into the Green with an emphasis on socialization and recreation. Weather conditions dictate particular itineraries and parents receive an email the evening before class so they know where we’re walking the next day.

> 10-3, Mon Feb. 21 to Fri Feb. 25
> drop-off and pickups at Sheldon Field; VAN service!
> 1 class age 8-12
>Students are dressed and packed by parents to suit the conditions.

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If you would like to learn more, please call 413.320.0522 and speak with director Kurt Heidinger, or send a note