Claws Casco Bay - Assistant in Training


“Assistants in training” are students age 15-18 who are eager to help our Maine-certified sea kayaking guide and his assistant lead students on the marine biome learning adventure that is Claws Casco Bay. They want to enjoy the fun of Field Environmental Philosophy like they always have, but also want to learn how to share their love of the creatures, places and stories of the Maine coast. Most importantly, they want to be trained to guide.

Much of an AIT’s work will involve serving the extra needs of teachers while they are occupied with group activities; for example, by ensuring all students are safe, are being sensitive and considerate to others, have applied sunscreen and bugspray, are fully nourished and hydrated, etc.

AITs will be called upon to do fun things: sharing their past experiences of the natural and cultural history of the places we explore, co-leading island walks, and teaching identification of flora, fauna, geology, and weather patterns.

With their lifeguard certification, desire to serve others, and high level of awareness in the field, AITs serve as critical back up for staff in maintaining safety and high spirits during our explorations.

Biocitizen’s AIT program inculcates environmental -teaching and -leadership skills.


Tuition for the AIT program is $800.00. 

All trips are Sunday through Saturday.

Van service is available Northampton <> Yarmouth, one way or round trip


—GITs are students who have attended at least 2 Claws Casco Bay sessions.

—GITs must be lifeguard certified.


Prospective GITs must submit a statement of interest, sharing the reasons they would like to be a GIT.

Please contact Kurt at or 413.320.0522 for more information.

If you would like to learn more, please call 413.320.0522 and speak with Kurt Heidinger, or send a note