Claws Deep: 3 Peaks

Peak Foliage !! Mt. Adams Peak !! Mt. Madison Peak !! Fri-Sun OCTOBER 8-10

—a 2 overnight field environmental philosophy adventure in NH’s White Mountains for those with advanced wilderness hiking skills or previous Claws experience.

—2 challenging, strenuous day-hikes for those who need to embrace the wilderness, and express animal strengths, before the snow falls.

We’ll see untold expanses of foliage (peak #1) from Mt Adams and Mt Madison (#2, 3), gain visions of vast open space and feel the elements directly.

Inspiration for the indoor months ahead—

> On Friday Oct. 8, we’ll leave Northampton at 4 pm and camp below Mt Madison.

> On Saturday Oct. 9, we’ll hit the trail and explore the intricacies of King’s Ravine below Mt Madison and Adams. Then we’ll camp again below Mt. Madison.

> On Sunday Oct. 10, in pursuit of the sublime, we’ll take a difficult, seldom-used route (perhaps this) to top  and descend Mt Adam and Mt Madison, returning home around 10 pm.

CLAWS: The goal of Claws programs is positive character transformation that is achieved by pushing boundaries. Students assume and surmount challenges, gaining confidence and valuable self-awareness. New ideas and abilities are experienced, and new spaces—physical, conceptual and existential—are opened for the kind of personal growth that contributes to long term happiness.

CLAWS DEEP: Claws Deep programs build on the Claws basic mountaineering training experience, allowing students to advance their skills. They know what dangers the mountain wilderness hold, and how to spot and avoid them. They know how to take care of their bodies. They walk far, fast and sure—and love busting their butts!

Tuition is $300 for new students and $200 for returning students, and includes:

> van transport from and to Sheldon Field, Northampton

> 2 nights camping and 2 days FEP guide services (students can pitch their own tents)

> 2  mountain grub dinners and 2 simple fortifying breakfasts (students provide their own trail food)

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If you would like to learn more, please call 413.320.0522 and speak with director Kurt Heidinger, or send a note