Food plants that grow like weeds: arugula

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Harvested arugula today: December 21, 2011.

Is it global warming, or is it possible I’m becoming a decent gardener? Or is it the seeds—these plants like growing in winter?

(old banana peel—how's that for neo-realism?)

Maybe 3 “yeses” have allowed this vivacious pile to grace my cutting board, + one other thing: I love sharing the freedom of free food, & the story of making our neighborhoods edible.

weeds are free food—if you can eat 'em!

Let’s take the Johnny Appleseed concept to its logical conclusion, like these folks do.

Imagine living in a permaculture, arugula growing like daisies, coming back every year in the same place. All you have to do is get the right seeds, grow ’em, let a few plants flower (bees love ’em), grow to seed, die and voila!! You have released a food weed into your microbiome. If you keep its uroboros spinning, you’ll never have to buy arugula again.

Arugula is tough. You’ll be harvesting it from early spring into winter, perhaps nine months of the year without any plastic sheets or hoses or etc.

May arugula run rife in your life!

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