Biocitizen’s Chilean Roots

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Biocitizen has substantial roots in Chile that began growing in 1999 with the collaboration of biocultural conservationists Ricardo Rozzi and (advisory board member!) Francisca Massardo with Kurt Heidinger and others to create the Omora Ethnobotanical Park. The Omora Park was the impetus for the creation of the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve and a whole slew of allied initiatives.

With the assistance of Ricardo, Francisca, our Superfun Chile collaborators Emilio and Valentina, and Vicente who will train with us this summer in W MA and LA, Biocitizen is planning two field environmental philosophy expeditions to Chile, that will be held just after New Year’s 2019: Now Voyager Pichilemu and Now Voyager Cape Horn. Together we are creating opportunities for students and ecotourists to have transformative educational experiences that inspire healthier, more beautiful ways of living. And this is in keeping with the fundamental goal of all credible philosophy—to live a good life.

Here, Ricardo talks about what goes on at the Omora Park. Please relax and spend 20 minutes with him as he explains what we can learn from birds, trees, and the traditional ecological knowledge of indigenous cultures—for “we are more than we have ever been taught”!

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