Biocitizen welcomes Sea Meadow Marine Foundation, our new Claws Casco Bay collaborator!

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Our Claws Casco Bay sea kayaking program is getting a major boost this summer!

We have joined a collaborative partnership with the Sea Meadow Marine Foundation to develop Field Environmental Philosophy programming at its working waterfront. Located on the Cousins River in Yarmouth next to a salt marsh where fresh water spills into the bay, Sea Meadow is home to 4 boat businesses.

This means our students will get a deeply-layered, hands-on introduction to maritime natural and cultural history that transcends the bounds of these academically-separated subjects.

Their 7-day adventure starts and ends far from tourism, where boat builders launch and repair the vessels that nurture and harvest foods from sea. They’ll meet the boat builders, aquafarmers, conservation biologists and cultural historians who’ll teach them about where they are, and why working waterfronts are being protected and conserved.

They’ll get an education in Casco Bay that reveals the links between thriving maritime culture and healthy marine ecology—paddling the bay, camping on islands, visiting aquafarmers, challenging minds and muscles, gaining life-skills and confidence!

View looking inland, from Maine Boats:

Sea Meadow’s History

This area is within the homeland of the Abenaki Nation.  In the 1960’s the property became the site for the Lowell family lobster boat building business, and then the Greene family established their shop in 1980, building world-class trimarans.  In December of 2021 Sea Meadow Marine Foundation received a USDA loan via Coastal Enterprises, Inc., and acquired the parcel to protect this working waterfront for our community. (Content provided by SMMF.)

> Take a look at the boat builders and aquafarmers who work at the marina: The Boat Yard, Shred Electric, Maine Family Seafarm CooperativeMadeleine Point Oyster Farms, & Spartan Sea Farms.

View looking out to Casco Bay, from SMMF:

Say hello to Sea Meadow:

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