Biocitizen welcomes Benn Johnson, Our Place teacher!!

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Biocitizen is so pleased to welcome Benn Johnson, PhD candidate and Teaching Fellow at the University of North Texas, to our teaching staff this summer! He will be working with Rika, who you met yesterday, to teach field environmental philosophy—while also bringing his academic research interests and skills to the task, helping us to enhance our curricula. (Benn and Rika are seen above at the UNT-Cape Horn Field Station with Dr. Jaime Jimenez, one of Chile’s foremost ornithologists.)

Here’s Benn, studying the Traditional Ecological Knowledge of the Yaghan people at the Omora Ethnobotanical Parque (co-founded by Biocitizen ex. director Kurt Heidinger) in Chile.

Benn studies environmental philosophy and its connections with overarching social and political harms. As a teacher of Philosophy for Children in Denton, Texas, and an undergraduate philosophy instructor, Benn hopes to encourage thoughtfulness about how we interact with all of our co-inhabitants.

We welcome you to the Nonotuck Biome, Benn!!!

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