Adia’s Perspective 2019 – CITs in LA vs MA

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Monday – CITs in MA vs LA

This is the first summer of Biocitizen LA’s CIT program and I am so excited to have the opportunity to take the lead in their training. 

Today I met the two girls who are there this week and I am very impressed by their maturity and initiative regarding responsibility in the field, considering they are so much younger than the CITs I am used to in Massachusetts. While many of the qualities of Biocitizen CITs should the same between locations, many of the responsibilities change along with the different environments. 

Today was the urban environmental field philosophy day at Biocitizen LA, and I got the chance to see how different the school is in an urban setting. Staff here must be much more conscious of the things around them; cars are rushing by, the city is filled with noise, and there are people everywhere. The responsibilities of the staff and the CITs are completely different in the city and I had to adapt to the new circumstances. That meant not only did I have to adjust my own teaching style with the students, but also help the CITs understand their roles in an urban environment.

Adia’s Perspective 2019 – MA to LA!

Adia Bennett is joining us in Los Angeles again this summer for Our Place Summer School – and we are so grateful to have her strong, sweet, graceful guidance in the field, as our first Counselor in Training program launches this week, July 8th-12th.

Adia has walked as a Biocitizen for almost 10 years now! She nows steps into her role as a mentor and leader, and we are so happy to have her working with our aspiring leaders this summer! Welcome back Adia! Below are her thoughts on what it is to be a Biocitizen CIT.


Source: Biocitizen, Inc. – Los Angeles, CA

Source: Biocitizen Inc., Los Angeles, CA

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